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Using telemarketing for automated bulk voice broadcasting services and SMS solutions.

About Telepion application

Telepion is a powerful, flexible, user-friendly bulk SMS and voice marketing application. It enables you to connect a customer to a live agent once the call has been patched up at the customer end. It’s also an all-in-one solution for your SMS and voice marketing. It’s easy to use and install. You can send voice messages from a text file or a prerecorded file. By adding new contacts to a group, you can start a campaign.

Starting an campaign is as easy as 1-2-3.

  • Select or Import List Choose your contact list from the built-in CRM or import any .csv file.
  • Select Message Select a text to speech message or pre-recorded audio file.
  • Click Start The voice broadcasting will begin to dial your contact list and can make simultaneous calls.

Telepion is a web-based application that allows users to make bulk phone calls to mobile phones using pre-recorded audio messages and bulk SMS. It also allows users to upload their own phone numbers to the system for making calls and sending bulk SMS also. Overall, Telepion is a tool that helps businesses and individuals to automate their phone-based outreach campaigns, saving time and increasing efficiency.

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Is Telepion Solution For You ?

Make yourself heard with our voice broadcasting services. Send voice messages in bulk, engage your customers, and optimize your sales – all with a single click.

Political Campaigns

Use the SMS & voice broadcasting service to reach voters and get your message heard, and use automated telephone polls and surveys to find out what is working for your campaign.

Service Pickup or Delivery Notification

Use the SMS & voice broadcasting to call & SMS people for merchant pickup and delivery notifications. Our auto dialing software can be allowing telephone calls be triggered automatically in response to customer actions.

Event Notification

“Use the voice broadcasting to automatically call people for upcoming event notifications, event time changes, road closures, and more.

Weather Alerts

Use voice broadcasting to notify millions of people about severe weather conditions, such as upcoming floods, or other disasters.

School & Faith community

Use auto dialing to stay connected to your congregation and reach members.

Bill Collection

Use voice broadcasting to automatically call people for debt collection with personalized messages. Use a press 1 campaign to connect to an agent or IVR system to resolve payment issues over the phone.

School Emergency Notifications Calls

Use voice broadcasting to call students, teachers, and local communities for emergency situations. Also, use it for attendance notifications and lunch-balance notifications.

Lead Generation

Use our voice broadcasting to send promotional information and get more leads. But make sure to check the Terms & Conditions.

City Government code enforcement

Use voice broadcasting to notify people to correct their code violations, such as removing illegal street signs and paying fines.

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With easy-to-use campaign management tools, you can run and manage campaigns, set call duration options, call forwarding options, SMS forwarding options and use different dialing steps including,

  • Cloud or on-premise solution.
  • Run simultaneous run voice & SMS campaigns.
  • Get detailed campaign reports.
  • Get detailed call and SMS forwarding reports

With automated voice and bulk SMS, you can set up triggers whenever a lead becomes a customer, when a call or SMS recipient opts into your campaign, and much more.

Highlights of Our Service

Enable a cloud-based communication system to reach all your customers in the quickest possible way.

Campaign Scheduling

Customizing campaigns to simultaneously monitor and operate multiple broadcasting campaigns as per your business requirements.

Reports & Analytics

KPIs and daily call report track performance, the total number of calls, and customers to make well-informed decisions.

DNC Lists

The “Do Not Call” filter allows you to automatically skip numbers that you do not want to call while dialing your list of contacts.


Though telemarketing cloud service is much easier to set up and use, there are still reasons to own software. For example, Telemarketing Cloud currently only supports calling phone numbers and SMS-supported countries, so if you plan to call other countries, you should use our on-premise software.


$0 / One time

  • $2 Free credit
  • Campaign management
  • Contat management
  • Voice file Management
  • 24/7 Support


$29 / month

  • $35 credit
  • Campaign management
  • Contat management
  • Voice file Management
  • 24/7 Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Telepion – Telemarketing & VoIP Service application is a SaaS-ready script, that allows you to make calls and SMS to your customers to promote your products.

  • What is Telepion Solution?

    Telepion is a VOIP service that can make bulk voice calls and send bulk SMS automatically from a number in the contact list. It helps agents save time and improve their productivity while reducing idle time. Telepion is mostly used in the collection department, telemarketing, e-commerce, and more.

  • Enable a cloud-based communication system to reach all your customers in the quickest possible way. It is easy to make campaigns and start every campaign schedule-wise.

  • Schedule automated calls and SMS as part of the business campaigns to reach your target audience better during the launch of new products.

  • Yes, you can easily integrate this telepion with your existing Sales CRM or any other third-party system.

    • Answering Machine Detection
    • Auto Dial Time Restriction
    • Campaign Management
    • DNC Management
    • Retry Time Setting
    • Agent-Skill based Dialing

  • Sure, an admin has the total privilege to control his customers. You can block, expel, or trash any unauthorized customers.